Natural Progesterone Cream and Menopause Relief

Published: 20th August 2008
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What can you do when the symptoms of menopause last for years and nothing seems to work? Everywhere women are looking for a safe way to get menopause relief.

There are many safe ways to get natural menopause relief, and one of the most effective is natural progesterone cream. It is safe, easy to use, relatively inexpensive, and, for most women, has no harmful side effects.

Many women have tried powerful drugs, such as HRT and anti-depressants, with some success, but the side effects were as bad as or worse than the menopause symptom! Any woman suffering from the unpleasant symptoms, including anxiety and tension, would do well to ask her physician for advice on using natural progesterone cream.

Often over-the-counter creams contain wild yam, which is great. However, if the wild yam is not converted into progesterone, the body simply cannot metabolize it into progesterone. It is important for the cream to contain USP progesterone in order to get the desired help.

The cream is topically applied, just rub it in according to the directions. The dosage is not really critical, a little experimentation will show you how much you need. There are countless testimonials of women who suffered from headaches, insomnia, fear, hot flashes, night sweats, low sex-drive ; these women have all found safe menopause relief in such a simple way. It is so simple that it is often just overlooked.

How does natural progesterone cream work?

Because it is a cream and applied to the skin, the progesterone is absorbed into the bloodstream. A pill, on the other hand, is digested and must pass through the liver, which absorbs much of the progesterone.

A woman's body requires a balance between estrogen and progesterone in order to maintain a healthy condition. During menopause this balance is very often disrupted, with the ensuing menopause symptoms. Natural progesterone cream can be a tremendous help in restoring this balance.

Is it difficult to use?

Most OTC formulations have almost exactly the same dosage as the body would normally produce on it's own. Apply approximately ΒΌ teaspoon by rubbing it into the skin. It is preferred to avoid fatty areas, since the fat will absorb the progesterone.

Some formulations have very high quality base creams that can have a wonderful effect on the skin, while others may irritate sensitive areas such as the breasts or buttocks.

How long does it take to work?

In our day of instant gratification, we expect immediate results. Many women do experience very quick results and report such things as finally getting a good night's sleep, reduced anxiety, no more hot flashes, etc.

In order to experience the maximum benefits, it is recommended that a 3 month trial period be used. This gives the body a chance to adapt and find a new balance. Remember, hormones actually change the tissues and cells of the body, so give it some time.

Is natural progesterone cream for everyone?

Check with your physician before starting any therapy. Generally, however, almost any woman can greatly benefit from the cream. Women with problem periods or excessive bleeding should avoid using the cream and seek medical help.

Overall, natural progesterone cream is an effective, safe and reliable treatment for the discomforts of menopause. Any woman who suffers from the symptoms of menopause should certainly take a close look at this simple, yet effective natural menopause remedy.

Randy Hough and Laura Simon, MSW,MEd,have worked together to create a family stress blog and a menopause relief web site. They live and work in the beautiful Upper Valley of Vermont.

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